Season 2 Ready To Go, New Rewards Detailed -

Season 2 Ready To Go, New Rewards Detailed -

The Heroes of the Storm site has been updated with the news that the competitive Season 2 will begin the week of September 12th and run through the week of December 12th. A number of Grand Master League changes have been implemented including reducing the number of Grand Master players allowed to participate in Hero League.

Steam Release Delayed To September 27th on embassywvc

Steam Release Delayed To September 27th on embassywvc

Snowcastle Games has announced that the Steam launch of Earthlock: Festival of Magic has been delayed until September 27th. After receiving a great deal of feedback from XBox One players, the team determined that there were issues that needed to be fixed prior to launch on Steam.

Latest Newsletter Addresses Economy Balance on embassywvc

Latest Newsletter Addresses Economy Balance on embassywvc

The latest newsletter for Shroud of the Avatar has been released. It details on a number of developer and community topics of interest, including tropical islands player owned town template, news about upcoming economy changes, events and more.

embassywvc - [ICYMI] Blizzard audio team AMA

Some of the brilliant minds behind the sounds and atmosphere of Overwatch took to Reddit yesterday to answer some community questions. If you missed it, don't worry, as always we've got you covered. 

The Blizzard Overwatch team has been one of the best developers in terms of community outreach. They have been known to release regular vlogs to explain updates featuring Jeff Kaplan himself. Their latest foray into communicating with the community was an AMA on the Overwatch subreddit yesterday. The audio team took to the site to answer questions about the audio development of Blizzard’s debut shooter.

For the full AMA, click here.

As always, however, we’ve got your back. Here are a select few of the interesting questions and answers from the AMA.

Reddit user Skyponyyt asked “How long did it take to make all the sounds for Ana?

Blizz_PaulLackey steps in to answer this one, stating “From pre-production to ship, every hero receives about 12 weeks of audio support. This includes pre-production and then time where game design is iterating on the new hero's gameplay and we provide temp sounds for testing. Once the design is settled then we get serious, polish, optimize for memory and performance, cover all the emotes, highlights, surface interactions, and voice recordings.

Next up was AeroRespawn asking “How was the sound for Genji’s sword made in his Warrior’s Salute hightlight intro?

Lackey once again answers this one “Brian Farr was the sound designer for Genji. He banged two large swords together to get them to resonate and then reversed the sound. The whooshes, Brian recorded were performed by another Blizzard employee who is a sword expert and has quite a collection of prop swords.

Wow_so_rpg asked “What was the most fun character to make sounds for?”

Blizz_ScottLawlor steps in for this one, responding “The one that sticks out the most for me are the Tracer blinks. It was also one of the very first sounds in the game when we started working on it.

Very early on it was the perfect example of this whole "Play by Sound" mantra. The rising pitch was done for a very specific reason - so that you knew how many charges you had at any given time. Then from there the notes and the rising nature of the sound was very much a character choice to reinforce her light and playful nature. Another thing to note with these sounds...if you listen to her "recharge" UI sound it pitches at a very similar interval so that you can hear how many charges have recovered. The small details like this are the most fun for me.

Rechan asks “since the game is recorded in multiple languages, how many VAs work on one character?

ScottLawlor steps in once again to respond “Well don't quote me on exact numbers here...but I'm pretty sure we localize in 12 languages, so for the most part that means 12 different actors.

There are some exceptions to this though. Widowmaker is the same actress in both English and French. If you look up the "Alive" animated short on YouTube in each language you can hear that it's the same person.”

SnugglesFabric asks “Not sure if this question is applicable, but how are voice lines conceived? Also, how many people are on the sound design team?

ScottLawlor with the hattrick answers “Our writer Michael Chu does pretty much 100% of the in-game dialog writing, but the team will contribute good ideas as they think of them.

One of the cool things we can do with our dialog system is very easily specialize the lines. For example, there are some taunt lines that you will occasionally hear when you kill someone. Most of these lines are generic, but Michael can easily add a "criteria" to a line asking if the subject of the line took place on a certain map or with a certain character involved. This is how the Tracer line "Death comes" works where she mocks Reaper after she kills him.

We also use this same tech to make all the map specific lines. Another example is when Genji loads into Hanamura as an attacker and says "I passed many an hour of my misspent youth here."

It makes writing the dialog really fun and flexible.

If you are more interesting the audio development for Overwatch you can watch Blizzards audio panel at GDC here.


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Tempo Storm changes half of their Australian roster on embassywvc

Tempo Storm has decided to switch out three of their players, confirming a move that was leaked over a week ago.

Tempo Storm is currently (one of) the only bigger organization supporting two seperate rosters: one from Australia and one from North America. They announced their NA roster earlier this week, and have had their AU players for a few weeks now.

Well, today Tempo Storm has said goodbye to three of their AU players, opting to let them go and replace them sooner rather than later. The roster played in some events following the pickup, but did not perform as well as was expected. This roster change news follows some rumblings of toxicity originating from the old Untitled Spreadsheet oster, that was brought up on reddit over a week ago. The post also succesfully predicted the roster changes, which are the following:


  • Jordan "Gunba" Graham
  • Brett "tjk" Bell
  • Andre "LUSH" Ricardo


  • Daniel "Dorky" Stevens
  • Jackson "HeyKatie" Taylor
  • Jake "termo" Hickman

Two of the new players, Dorky and termo, are ex-Chiefs players (arguably the biggest competition to TS). They are also both experienced TF2 players, which has proven to be a good basis for Overwatch success. HeyKatie has his basis in console gaming, which makes his dominance on Widowmaker even the more impressive.

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The highlights from Eichenwalde's first competitive appearance -

The GosuGamers EU weeklies returned yesterday. With that, the new map Eichenwalde made its competitive debut. This map is unique and full of potential when it comes to new strategies and team setups. Considering that, this article will show some of the interesting highlights from yesterdays Eichenwalde game!

It’s always fun to see when teams adapt to new things. The audience still wants to see Ana being picked, even though she’s been around for quite some time by now. Since Eichenwalde was released just this week, it was exciting to see how Luminosity and Bringos would handle it when it was picked. This map is unique in many ways, one being the many nooks and crannies that makes for great flanking opportunities. Below you can find the whole VOD of the game, which starts with a quick little tour of the map by the casters ZP and UberShouts. After that there's a list of sweet Eichenwalde plays that makes this map so interesting.


  • Early Pharah flanking by Luminosity’s Tseini, accompanied by Zave on Mercy. (Got to love the Pharmercy combo.) They manage to do some nice initial work.
  • Here you can see the defending team setting up next to the giant tower that is said to be the highest point in any Overwatch map. Shortly after that, you can see how the attackers are trying to break through.
  • Bringos’s Liddano is trying to, as ZP puts it, “McCreep” behind enemy lines, showing yet again how great flanking possibilities this map has.
  • Ult showdown at the castle tower that was previously mentioned. Showing off some fights in the open as well as in the tower itself.
  • LG’s Manneten with a superb Graviton Surge! The small doorways into the last point of the map are hard enough to get through, and here he makes it even harder for Bringos.


For more competitive Overwatch news, follow us @GosuOverwatch.


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A Viewers guide to embassywvc Weekly NA #18

Sunday is finally here and with it comes even more exciting Overwatch action. Yesterday, our weekly tournaments made their return in Europe and now it's North America’s turn.

After a month long absence the NA Weekly is finally back. North America has several up-and-coming teams chomping at the bit to prove themselves and the GosuGamers’ weeklies are the perfect stage to show off to the world. Yesterday’s EU weekly featured our new format, but the same old exciting Overwatch action and today should prove no different. As always, there is a minimum of $1,000 up for grabs. Our partners at Matcherino are helping us out with the prize pool. Click here to contribute by donation or using the code “GGNA18”. This event was also made possible by our sponsors, and Ting.


Today, 4th of September, at 12 PDT / 15 EDT / 21 CEST 


Teams to look out for


Relatively consistent top 8 finishers, this team is not to be taken lightly. They missed their chance to go to the Atlantic Showdown. However, they escaped their tough three team group at the North American regionals for the OW Open which featured EnVyUs and Selfless. Don’t let their low ranking fool you, this team is the real deal.


Another frequent top 8 finisher, Selfless is used to going toe to toe with the best teams in the world. They just barely failed to make it out of their group at the OW Open regionals, losing a tight series to Splyce. A slow August dulled the momentum this team had coming out of the gate in July, they’ll look to regain their form and get back on track starting today.

Tempo Storm

Formerly half of NG Red, the 9th ranked team in North America is also looking to bounce back from a rough August. After failing to qualify for the Atlantic Showdown, NG Red fell apart and was disqualified from the OW Open regionals. They then picked up three former Sea Algae players and signed with Tempo Storm. This team needs a strong showing to propel them into the top 8 and to regain some of their lost momentum.


Also known as the Colorado Clutch, this team has been on the cusp of greatness for a while, but hasn’t quite been able to get over the hump. After failing to qualify for the Atlantic Showdown, they put up an impressive fight at the OW Open regionals. Unfortunately, they had what can arguably be called a group of death and lost to Fnatic and Liquid, getting knocked out of the tournament. Impressive fights are good and all, but this team needs some results to prove they belong with the best North America has to offer.

For more competitive Overwatch news, follow [email protected]


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Ever wanted to compete head-to-head with the best? King of Nordic Overwatch Cup might be your chance -

The King of Nordic Overwatch Cup will give lesser teams a moment in the spotlight, and a chance for unknown players to go head-to-head with the best. So if you are part of a Nordic team, don't miss out on this opportunity!

If you ever wanted to try out what it feels like to be a professional player, this might be your chance. King of Nordic is wanting the unknown teams to get a chance to compete like the best, and with the best. This is also a great opportunity for the community to come together and show what great talent it has!

How does it work?

The first phase is a series of national qualifiers held online, where teams from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland will be able to sign up and compete. The team that wins their nation's qualifiers will represent their country in the second phase. “The King of Nordic Overwatch Cup” will be a weekly broadcasted event to run for four weeks. The winner from each week will move on to the next phase. For the third and final phase, the four qualified teams will clash with four invited teams. The winning team will eventually walk away with $5000 in cash prize.

When will this happen?

The initial qualifiers for the play-off will be held on September 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. After that, the play-offs will start on October 5th. Then the whole thing will conclude with the finale on October 7th.

What are the invited teams?

Currently REUNITED, Rogue, Luminosity, MisfitsGG, Dignitas, OWKings, EnVyUs and Melty are the teams invited for the play-offs.

Ok I’m sold, where do I sign up?

Registrations are already open! Check out King of Nordics own page for the sign-up links as well as any additional information.

For more competitive Overwatch news, follow us @GosuOverwatch.


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Overwatch And League of Legends Battle It Out In South Korea on embassywvc

Overwatch and League of Legends are running neck and neck in the rankings for the most played game at South Korea’s internet cafes.

Last week, Overwatch starting making a move to overtake League of Legends, the reigning PC bang (net cafe) king. As tipster Sang points out, Overwatch edged out LoL late last week by a mere 0.19 percent for the most played game according to respected tracking site GameMetrics.

But look at GameMetrics today, and you’ll see League of Legends takes first place with 29.08 percent, while Overwatch comes in at second place with 28.36 percent. To give you an idea of how big these games are at Korean net cafes, third place is Sudden Attack at 8.89 percent, fourth place is FIFA Online 3 at 5.48 percent, and fifth place is Lineage at 2.99 percent. (Don’t worry, Starcraft is at number six, while Diablo 3 is at number 9!)


As of today, MultiClick, a rival tracking site, has Overwatch at first place at 30.84 percent, while League of Legends is at 29.74 percent. These are razor thin margins, and the real test will be whether or not the Overwatch can win the weekly crown.

According to GameMetrics, League of Legends hasn’t yet been knocked from the weekly top spot. It has been the most played game for 204 weeks straight at Korean net cafes. If any game is going to surpass LoL, it could be Overwatch.


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embassywvc - Overwatch Has Conquered South Korea (For Now)

For years (literally, years), League of Legends has been the most played game at South Korea net cafes. That has finally changed.

[Image via Gametrics]

As reported last week, League of Legends and Overwatch have been duking it out for the country’s weekly top spot.

Now tipster Sang points out, Overwatch has finally claimed the weekly most-played game, ending League of Legends’ reign.


As of posting, the Blizzard title now sits atop weekly metrics of respected Korean data tracking site Gametrics.

Granted, it’s only one week, but it is impressive if you consider that League of Legends held the spot for something like 204 weeks, which is nearly four years.


Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond.

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