Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade Into the Warp Livestream - Episode 65 on embassywvc

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade Into the Warp Livestream - Episode 65

On: May 24, 2016

Brent Ellison, Nathan Richardsson, and Katie Fleming recently gave a Production Update: Rogue Trader Store weapons, area psychic powers, new map walkthrough, upcoming patch preview, and chatted about regional game servers, latency, and performance. They finished up the show answering Q&A from the chat/forums and did giveaways!

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embassywvc | LCK Spring 2016 - Grand Finals Recap


Who would've thought SKT could make such a spectacular turnaround to appear in grand finals? I honestly thought they would be happy with just 3rd or 4th only a few weeks ago, but their improvement has been amazing, thanks in no small part to the way Blank has exceeded expectations to become the meta jungler SKT so direly needed. The ROX Tigers, on the other hand,  dominated the standings, only dropping a few games the entire season. It seems strange to call SKT the underdogs, but this time they really were.


                                SK Telecom:                                                       ROX Tigers:
                           Top - Lee "Duke" HoSeong                                     Top - Song "Smeb" GyeongHo
                          Jungler - Gang "Blank" SeonGu                              Jungler - Han "Peanut" WangHo
                         Mid - Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok                                Mid - Lee "Kur0" SeoHaeng
                        ADC - Bae "Bang" JunSik                                       ADC - Kim "Pray" JongIn
                       Support - Lee "Wolf" JaeWan                               Support - Gang "Gorilla" BeomHyeon
                     Coach - Kim "KK0ma" Jung-gyun                         Coach - Jeong "NoFe" No-chul

Game 1

The Faker mind games continued with the Zilean pick! He took it a series or two ago but at the time it looked more like a subtle manipulation; in other words, I don’t think they actually want to pick Zilean, but because Faker plays it so well it can draw bans. Also somewhat unusual is the Tahm Kench pick, as the character has fallen far out of favor due to the movement speed nerf on his W. Regardless, SKT went into the first match of the series looking to skirmish, while ROX wanted to siege with their triple AD.

Right off the bat SK Telecom came out swinging, burning summoners in the first few minutes, and this pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game and even series. After an early first blood by Blank, ROX were forced to stay on the back foot, and even when they had the advantage of engaging a double teleport to the bot lane they just couldn't get anything. It was close for a while at least, until Blank’s phenomenal Kindred ult completely turned the tide of the fight. The final nail in the coffin would be Gorilla getting caught out, which SKT were able to punish and in the process take Game 1 of grand finals.


Game 2

As mentioned, ROX appeared to be scared of Faker’s Zilean, and promptly banned it for the rest of the series. Similarly, SKT used many of their bans to take away Peanut’s comfort picks, most notably Nidalee. Going into the match SKT would take a well rounded skirmish composition while ROX continued to try to make a multiple AD siege comp work. This was odd, as they normally seem to generally do better with hard engage. Were they scared, and tilted from the first match? Or simply being outdrafted?

That SKT hyper-aggression from the previous game would would be stopped dead this time around. ROX slowed the pace of the match considerably and let Smeb do his thing on Ekko - and do his thing he would, creating early kills and killer pressure across the map. His influence was not limited to small skirmishes either, in a team fight he dove the backline after he caught a flank and decimated the squishies, who didn’t know what hit them.

Immediately afterwards, ROX took Baron, and at the win was just a snowball away. Although Smeb did well, it’s important to note three of ROX’s damage carries had their vital Sheen power spike, which certainly helped them overcome SKT. After this power spike ended, and a bit of misplay from the Tigers brought things closer, SK Telecom tried to claw their way back into the game with multiple picks and objectives.

At one point it even looked as though they could still win the match despite being so far behind, but appearances can be deceiving. In an unfortunate series of events Duke mistakenly ult’d Pray right into Faker; Pray would then annihilate the unsuspecting Azir. With such a huge threat gone ROX chased down the few remaining members of SKT and ended the game. To be fair it was not completely Duke’s fault, as Faker’s positioning could've been better, but it was definitely a misstep they'd want to avoid.


Game 3

ROX continued to ban Maokai, Sivir, and Zilean. Duke, it turns out, has 5 wins and 1 loss on the former (2016 LCK Spring) with a 10 KDA, which is quite impressive and supports the bans, as well as showing the Tigers had done their research. Then things got weird.

Faker picked Vel’Koz, a the super out-of-meta choice when it mattered the most. If anyone can pull it off when the stakes are this high it’s him, but it still seemed sub-optimal. Maybe he was trying to style on ROX, in the same way Pray does with a Twitch pick, another out-of-meta champion. Regardless of their true intentions, SKT looked to poke, while the Tigers wanted to team fight.

Surprisingly, a huge mistake came from Bang early in the 3rd game. He overstayed despite being low on both mana and health, and all it took was a flash by Alistar to finish the kill for first blood. Wanting to press the advantage, ROX pulled off their composition trump card, the double TP play. As it turned out though, SKT coped well with being outnumbered, and came out ahead with 2 kills, or 3 if you count Faker flash ulting a running Kindred after the engagement.

ROX did what they could to keep from going too far behind but everything they tried ended in them going away worse for wear. For example, Kuro thought he could 1v1 Faker, but turned out to be wrong as Faker lived and Kuro died before the rest of Kuro’s team died trying to save him. To the relief of their fans, Kuro's Twitch finally started to come online about mid way through the game, when he picked off several people and helped his team win a team fight.

They turned onto Baron, as one does after a solidly won team fight, but Bang was able to stop them heroically and stall for time. Pray attempted yet another engage with his Twitch, but this time things would not go to plan. As he approached the vulnerable Ezreal, while invisible, Bang just so happened to land his skillshots on the hidden Twitch, nearly killing him in one rotation.

The rest of SKT swooped in, mopped up the the remainder of ROX, and went to finish the match. There was a moment of tension after they took both nexi turrets but were aced, but SKT simply won another team fight with Bang doing an  absurd amount of damage, and Duke’s engage and lock up of Pray was the decisive blow that pretty much won them the game.


Game 4

SKT banned out Ryze in every single match of this series, which is surprising because Faker can undoubtedly play it better than anyone on ROX,. They could've let it ride and threaten the pick, although they may have calculated it as not worth the risk. SKT came into this 4th match with a team fight composition featuring Rammus and Cassiopeia, while ROX just wanted to skirmish.

This game was full of textbook tactical maneuvers. SKT didn't want to reduce it to mechanics, so instead they baited an early baron, which seemed questionable at first. As it happens, ROX had to check, and the fell into panic mode. SKT is aggressive in general, we know this, but even for them it was brave to pull off such a risky strategy, and it worked as ROX rushed over and were picked off one by one.

Despite this early Baron the kill deficit, the gold was even, but not for long. At the next engagement Faker flash ult’d, locking up key members of ROX for the rest of SKT to collapse onto. It’s incredible how Faker is so confident both in his skills and in his teammates' abilty to follow up. Similarly Peanut played things a bit more on the risky side and stole a second dragon of the match, which was ultimately useless but cool nonetheless. In a last-ditch attempt to change their fate, ROX tried to rush a baron only for SKT to wander in and demolish the Tigers for an ace at the cost of only one. With that, SKT took yet another grand finals 3-1, and added another trophy to their heaving cabinet.


Lasting Thoughts
It may seem like a blowout, but in terms of LCK play-offs go this is about as close as it gets, as most LCK finals have been won 3-0. ROX played some close games, but didn't seem in top form. While it goes without saying that SKT played out of their minds, like they did at Worlds 2015 even, ROX just seemed off-color, picking champs/composition they don’t usually pick, and playing much more passively in general.

It was mentioned before but it’s almost as though they were scared into inactivity. They weren’t playing to win, they played not to lose, where SKT weren’t going to accept anything less than the victory. Despite this less than stellar finish for ROX, they have had the best season in their history and I have no doubt they will do just as well during the summer split and beyond. SKT simply reminded us all of something we never should have forgotten, that you should never bet against them.


It’s time for some awards at the end of a long season. You could watch the ceremony, but it’s pretty drawn out and in Korean, so here’s the short and sweet of it along with my opinion.

Greatest KDA per position:
Every award went to the respective member of the ROX Tigers. That’s hard to believe, but Smeb, Peanut, Kuro, Pray, and Gorilla had the best kill/death/assists of any player in their roles over the course of the season. Granted, they played consistently, where just about everyone else was a bit patchy, but it's still incredibly impressive to sweep the entire category.

Most MVP points of the season:
Smeb of the ROX Tigers.
My choice: Bang of SK Telecom. He doesn't really hog the spotlight, he’s more or less in the shadow of Faker, Duke, and previously Bengi, but he has been a rock the entire season for SKT. His consistently above average performances are impressive, and combined with regular moments absolute brilliance make him a truly incredible player.

I don’t believe he gets enough credit for how amazing a player he his. When people think of the best ADCs they think Deft, Imp, Pray, Forgiven, Uzi, but Bang hardly ever gets a look-in. For my money, Bang is the greatest ADC in the world, although maybe not the best ever purely because there have been some amazing players in this position.

Most MVP points of the playoffs/finals:
Incredibly surprisingly: Duke of SK Telecom
I don’t believe Duke deserved this award, he did well, but so did everyone else on SKT. The player I think went above and beyond, even more than Bang, is of course Faker. His aggressive yet safe play gained advantages for SKT that no other team in the world could acquire at this level, and his flash ult’s more than once turned the tide of a crucial match. When they call Faker a god, when they call him the best player ever in League of Legends, or Esports in general, it’s not hyperbole - he’s the real deal.

NRG acquire Quas, Santorin, and KiWiKiD on embassywvc

Photo by liquidlegends

After a mediocre debut in North American LCS, team NRG eSports look to reshape their roster using veteran LCS talent.

Toward the end of the LCS spring split tournament, rumors were surfacing around NRG and potential changes being made to their roster. News came to light that top laner Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong was working out a deal with Cloud 9 to join them and create two possible teams. Following this, the grapevine brought us rumblings that carry player Johnny “Altec” Ru might also be interested in joining C9’s brand new challenger squad, making things look rather grim for NRG.

Today, ESPN reports that NRG's fortunes may have taken a turn for the better. NRG’s new roster lists Diego “Quas” Ruiz, Lucas “Santorin” Larsen, and Alan “KiWiKiD” Nguyen as having joined, with the team’s only returning member being Lee “GBM” Chang-suk, and no listing for a new ADC. The news does not elaborate on the plans of former jungler Galen “Moon” Holgate. As for the team’s former support, Kevin “KonKwon” Kwon, he has received an offer to join Apex Gaming’s newly formed challenger team.

Quas’ return comes as the most shocking, having announced that he planned to retire from Team Liquid and League of Legends at the end of last year. Santorin makes his LCS return after spending his Spring Split playing for EU Challenger team Team Huma and former NA Challenger squad Team Ember, both of which failed to advance out of the Challenger Series. Lastly is KiWiKiD, who is only now making his first team change in over three years after his long time home Team Dignitas suffered relegation, having been a mainstay since the LCS began.

With the sheer raw talent these players possess, the biggest question mark will be if they all will be able to communicate efficiently to execute their plays. One of NRG’s fatal weaknesses in spring was their obvious lack of communication, which was always going to be the challenge given their half Korean and half American roster. Should they mesh well together, this team should be a strong presence in this upcoming summer split.

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embassywvc | MSI: The Hype is Real

Once a season, each region sends forth a champion...but who do you think will emerge victorious?

Recently, Riot Games posted a hype video for the Mid Season Invitational (MSI), which will start on next Wednessday (May 4) in Shanghai. In the video you feel as though you can almost touch the amazing imagery as it shows different regions represented by various mythical creatures.

The Koreans are represented as a god, with the Chinese being represented by a dragon. North America and Turkey, the Wild Card region winner, were represented as warriors standing against odds. Last but not least, Europe and Taiwan were represented as the wolves and a cougar, respectively. While some of the metaphors may seem a bit heavy-handed, it certainly does the job, and fans are sure to be at peak excitement when the event finally rolls around.

For those of you who haven't seen the video:

Who will own the rift? Give us your thoughts below.

Steeelback: start of a new era for ROCCAT? on embassywvc

After narrowly avoiding relegation, could ROCCAT's Steeelback signing be the start of better times?

Days ago, ESPN’s Jacob Wolf reported a surprising pickup for Team ROCCAT; former Unicorns of Love AD carry, Pierre "Steeelback" Medjaldi. While Steeelback’s former team finished a mediocre fifth place in the EU LCS Spring Split, Steeelback was actually one of the top performing AD carries of the tournament. His KDA ratio of 6.8 means he was the number two ADC in Europe and being involved in almost 72% of the kills, he’s in the top 5 kill contributors for the role, too.

With such an impressive performance from an AD carry clearly near the top of his role, the move to a team that just recently was fighting tooth and nail to keep hold of its spot in the LCS came as a surprise to many, even if Steeelback’s move from UoL did not.

After expressing interest in leaving his team several weeks ago, Steeelback was looking to find himself a place in the NA LCS, but only received one offer from NA Challengers, Dream Team, a surprising lack of interest for such a strong carry (perhaps due to his former team’s fifth place in the Spring Split).

According to ESPN sources, “Steeelback has chosen the team due to its proposed lineup”. As of Steeelback being signed, ROCCAT has 3 positions filled along with their jungler Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia, and mid laner Felix “Betsy” Edling. The news has caused much speculation over who may be promising enough to fill the remaining spots to catch the attention of one of Europe’s top ADCs.

And that raises the question. Could this be a turning point for team ROCCAT? Perhaps coming so close to losing its position in the LCS was enough to spur managers into action and begin securing some top-tier picks to at least climb their way up to a safer position?

As of right now there’s been no word about who will be signed to the remaining spots. But, ROCCAT definitely has at least one top-tier player to build its team around. Could this represent the start of a turning point for ROCCAT?

Images courtesy of lolesports Flikr

embassywvc - Apple predicted an iPhone sales drop. Here it comes

We aren't buying enough new iPhones.

That's why Apple is expected to tell investors something it's never had to say before during its quarterly earnings call: iPhone sales likely dropped for the first time since the game-changing device went on sale in 2007.

That drop isn't a surprise to those who've been listening. Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team in January predicted a slide in total revenue and cautioned that iPhone sales would see their first-ever slump in the three months ended in March. The company reports fiscal second-quarter results Tuesday.

Analysts think iPhone shipments tumbled nearly 20 percent from the same quarter a year ago. Analysts, on average, expect Apple to sell about 51 million iPhones in the three months that ended in March, according to Morgan Stanley. That's down from 61.2 million units in the March quarter of 2015.

The bigger worry is whether this signals a tough year overall for the world's largest public company. Analysts who cover Apple think that's exactly what it means, citing the ho-hum reaction to last year's iPhone model, the 6S.

"Given the similar form factor for the iPhone 6S and softer smartphone global demand trends, we anticipate down year-over-year iPhone sales for the remainder of [fiscal] 2016," said T. Michael Walkley, an analyst with Canaccord Genuity.

Apple didn't have a comment ahead of its earnings report.

Phone ennui

Walkley's not alone. Most analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expect Apple's revenue to slide about 3 percent this year as fewer people buy iPhones. The reason for that concern is simple: More than two-thirds of Apple's sales come from the iPhone. One bad quarter of phone sales translates into a bad quarter overall.

Revenue could drop about 10 percent in the second quarter to $52 million and slip about 4 percent to $47.4 billion in the quarter ending in June.

The year is off to a tough start for many tech companies. Intel, the world's biggest provider of chips for computers and servers, is cutting 11 percent of its workforce as it grapples with a steep drop in PC sales. IBM reported a 14-year low in quarterly sales. And Netflix raised concerns about winning over fewer subscribers in its overseas and US businesses. Even Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reported disappointing sales and profit.

For Apple, the problem is that people just aren't excited about phones. The devices haven't really changed that much over the past few years -- at least not enough to get you running to the Apple Store and buying a new model every year or two. Apple's current flagship phones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, didn't add enough new features to persuade most iPhone customers to trade up.

And the economy in China, one of Apple's most important markets, has been struggling. China also can be difficult to deal with, as evidenced by the shutdown of Apple's iTunes Movies and iBooks services just seven months after they started operating in the country.

Apple's first smartwatch -- the Apple Watch, which hit the market a year ago -- hasn't sold in high-enough numbers to boost the company's sales, and its iPad business has dropped every quarter for the past two years, even with the introduction of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in late 2015.

To help boost excitement, Apple last month added a smaller iPad Pro to its lineup and released a new 4-inch phone, the iPhone SE, to appeal to customers who like smaller devices. It also sweetened the appeal of the SE with a $399 price tag, making it the least expensive new iPhone Apple has ever sold. (The iPhone 6S starts at $649.)

Andy Hargreaves, an Apple analyst for Pacific Crest, said the iPhone SE should stop consumers from buying old iPhones to get the smaller screen size.

But even if the iPhone SE becomes more popular, it's not as important to Apple's future -- and financial results -- as its flagship phones. Analysts have given up on Apple this year and instead are looking to 2017. They hope the next iPhone, likely called the iPhone 7 and expected in September, will give Apple the boost it needs.

UBS analyst Steven Milunovich expects iPhone shipments to rise at least 5 percent to 10 percent in 2017. "Even without killer new features, the iPhone 7 should prompt improved upgrade demand with more than 200 [million] iPhone users not having moved to a large screen," he noted. "We are not at peak iPhone."

But that's next year. For now, Apple has to deal with the fact that we're just not that into the iPhone.

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Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:$12.99

EverQuest Next

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:free

Star Citizen

Genre: Sci-Fi | Pvp:Y | Free:TBA


Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:N | Free:TBA

Gloria Victis

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:Item Mall

Camelot Unchained

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:TBA

The Repopulation

Genre: Sci-Fi | Pvp:N | Free:TBA

Warhammer 40000 Eternal Crusade

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:N | Free:TBA

Shroud of the Avatar

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:TBA

Albion Online

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:free

Black Desert

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:N | Free:TBA

Life is Feudal

Genre: Historical | Pvp:Y | Free:free

Blade Soul

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:TBA

Trials of Ascension

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:TBA

Origins Of Malu

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:TBA

Shards Online

Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:TBA


Genre: Fantasy | Pvp:Y | Free:free

The Black Watchmen

Genre: Real Life | Pvp:N | Free:$3.00


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